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You must have heard about the real 360 lace front wigs? These are the human hair wigs that most of the famous stars you watch on the silver screen wear to make an impressive picture. There are two types - one is the lace front and he other is the full lace wig. What Is The Difference Between These Two Types? The difference is mainly in the coverage on the scalp. The lace front is attachable by the means of a real 360 lace front wigs tape or glue right at the place where the hairline meets (or should meet) the forehead. On the other hand, the full lace wig is one that covers the whole head. There is another very basic difference between the two wigs - and is their usability. The real 360 lace front wigs cannot be fashioned in any other type of hairstyles other than the one with which is made. The one freedom that you could enjoy with the lace front wig is that you need not worry any longer about combing or fashioning your hair. You need to use just as it is or it would get spoiled. The full lace wig on the other hand, can be used just as natural hair. It can be braided, tied, styled in an up do hair style and fashioned in different hairstyles, etc. This is because the hair here is pulled through the whole area of the lace, which in turn would be covering the whole head. In this case, the lace has an illusion and looks like one's natural scalp. Needless to say the full lace wig is more versatile than the real 360 lace front wigs.
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