Brazilian Virgin Hair

There are a huge amount of celebrities that have worn lace wigs for years because of how undetectable and natural they are, and in a true form of our celebrity stalking culture we must of course follow suit. This time though unlike all those fad diets, that made us ill and the garish make up that make us look like we're performing in Christmas pantomime (I can't wait to do the lady Gaga look for our annual Halloween party), full lace brazilian wigs seem to be our best and most natural way to cover up hair lose, thinning hair or just to change your style with out dying, cutting or in Britney's case shaving. Granted both the lace front wig and the full lace brazilian wigs are like wearing camouflage in the jungle rather than bright colours in comparison with an acrylic wig, but they are different things. The lace front wig is similar to a normal acrylic wig except it has a thin strip of lace that extends from ear to ear around the hairline. Then has each hair knotted singly giving a natural hair line. The rest of the cap if made the same as a normal wig, but this is still good if you need a wig that is slightly more durable than a full lace brazilian wigs, however you would have to wear it down as there is no lace band around the back and you won't be able to style it as easily as the full lace. This might not seem like a massive problem not putting you hair up, but imagine walking in the sunshine through the English country side, birds singing smell of fresh hay all those memories of holiday romances flooding through you mind, then the wind picks up, blowing your newly acquired hair everywhere. You are now wearing the fresh hair accessories and you've got hair stuck to you lip gloss, or if your like me in your mouth and whipping into your eyes. You may be thinking that you would just be grateful to have hair to do that and the first time you may even just laugh but the 4th and 5th time it'll annoy you just as much as real hair and you'll want to tie it back. full lace brazilian wigs are made with a cap covered with lace, where each hair is then sewn by hand into the lace, the result being (unless you know what you looking for) a completely natural looking hair. The style can be changed as if it were your own this includes being to tie it back into a pony tail, without revealing anything more then a natural looking hair line. I know that tying you hair back in a pony tail isn't a big deal; I tend to chuck my hair up if I don't have time to do anything with it. I'd never even thought of it until writing this article but to do the same with a wig and have it look completely natural is a huge deal. A really good example would be Beyonces' hair in her Halo video, she shows just how pretty and natural a full lace brazilian wigs could really be. (Not of course that I'm saying that it is a wig, it might not be it does look very, very natural)
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