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How to regrow my hairline after wearing glueless full lace wigs seem to be a question many people have been asking lately. The flowing natural look from the lace front is quite alluring but constant wear, constant traction and over usage of the glue and adhesive on one's hairline can end up in major hairline loss. Stop wearing glueless full lace wigs and try hair integration instead Switching to a hair integration unit without lace front attached is one way to avoid that loss. The integration unit is similar to a glueless full lace wigs but is ventilated and no adhesive or glue is used, the hairline is left out whereby avoiding traction or excessive pulling. It can be worn for up to 2 months then replaced and re-tightened.For those 2months of usage you can wash and condition the hair as normal and not worry about it falling or slipping out. Try a Natural Homemade Remedy for your Hair Loss Secondly, if you choose to stop wearing the glueless full lace wigs you can treat your hairline with a simple natural homemade remedy of just extra virgin olive oil, a pinch of cayenne pepper and a cut from an aloe vera plant. In a blender mix together all these ingredients,pour in a bowl then brush the mixture on your edges with an application brush then gently massage the hairline and leave on for up to 15-25 minutes then rinse, condition and style as normal. Thirdly,use a paste/mixture of cactus. In a blender mix together the pre-cut cactus and a splash of extra virgin olive oil and apply with an application brush to your hairline then slightly massage and leave in for up to 15-25 minutes. Rinse then condition and styles normal. Follow any of these remedies and you are sure to see some improvement with your hairline.
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