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Brazilian Virgin Hair

You have finally decided to get a silk top full lace wigs, the question now lies is how do you choose one that is suitable for you. Being a beginner, you must try to understand the different wig types available to you; it merely depends on your choice, whether to choose human hair or synthetic hair wig. However, if it's affordable for you, then you should consider getting a very natural looking wig made out of 100% human hair, rather than an artificial synthetic unit. Human hair silk top full lace wigs They are crafted from real human hair, which generally means that the hair is from an actual individual's head that will appear very natural on yours. They tend to be a bit more costly than other so called "human" hair and synthetic wigs, and the price may range from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. However, the rates merely depend on the hair type, whether its Indian, Russian, Brazilian or other types, the color, texture and length. However because its 100% human hair you have very little to worry about regarding heat styling or using styling products on the hair. Human hair lace wigs can be dyed and colored and even styled frequently. Most of the human hair silk top full lace wigs bear natural black color as they are mostly from Pakistan and India. After all, Asian hair is naturally black. If you are fond of lengthy hair that is made from human hair, you have to loosen your pocket to spend a little bit more. Synthetic Hair silk top full lace wigs Synthetic hair is nothing but a fake hair made of synthetic filament and they are the least expensive in the market of silk top full lace wigs or regular traditional wigs. The prices can vary within a few dollars depending on the length of the hair. Despite the low cost of a synthetic wig, there are quite a few drawbacks in its versatility. Firstly, they can't be styled or withstand any chemical treatment unlike human hair silk top full lace wigs. The appearance is not soft and has a shiny look to it; in addition, some of the synthetic wigs are not as comfortable when worn. Secondly, you can't assure the life of the wig as the hair starts to shed within a few applications. Lastly, hot rollers, flat irons, hair dryers and any similar warming equipment are highly restricted on these hair wigs. It solely boils down to what you are comfortable with wearing and spending on a silk top full lace wigs. You can easily obtain one of your choices from online and offline stores, however, upon getting one, try to consider the above points mentioned to avoid future disappointments.
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